Brand identity and website design for a new-age shipping and fulfillment service.

The design team for the project included Vladyslav Taran, Marina Solomennykova, Alexey Dubrov, Andrey Drobovich, Anastasiia Ostapenko, and Polina Taran.

ShipDaddy is a modern company that covers shipping and fulfillment services to other smaller but growing ecommerce companies and brands that have a product sold online but cannot fulfill by themselves for any reason. ShipDaddy solves this problem by warehousing their pallets, shipping products directly to customers, and repalletizing their inventory if it needs to be shipped to other places in bulk. Put shortly, the service takes over all the needed effort on shipping so that their clients could focus on other aspects of their business growth.

The ShipDaddy team came to us with two aspects to cover from the design perspective:

  • logo and identity design for a company brand and diverse marketing goals
  • website based on a consistent approach with visual branding and super high level of usability for any category of the service clients

Tubik team created a brand identity and a website that would help redefine a third-party logistics company and let the world know that ShipDaddy people genially care about the success of their clients.

One general direction to take into account for the entire design process was the harmonic combination of friendliness and seriousness: ShipDaddy is a super friendly and open company that deals with serious challenges. The ability to work on both branding and user experience on the web allowed for a comprehensive and consistent design approach for all the channels of company communication with the target audience.

The clients wanted the logo to be friendly, approachable, and cool. It had to give ShipDaddy customers the feeling of working with a partner in helping to build their business, not just a boring and impersonal shipping firm. What’s more, the service goes above and beyond shipping: it acts as a full-on consulting company that helps businesses optimize their entire ecommerce strategy, including shipping and logistics. The best solution to reflect the message was found in creating a mascot that would make communication of the brand with the client emotional and humanized as well as could cover a diversity of marketing goals and campaigns.

The creative process moved through the traditional stages from discussion and research to sketches and then a polished digital version. Focusing on people, Tubik created a cute and friendly brand identity based on the image of the company’s COO. The mascot was a human character that was friendly and funny but also quite adult and serious enough.

The final logo presented a combination mark made up of a mascot and a typographic part with a company name in a bold and highly readable font. The color palette included the primary colors (blue, yellow, red) as they look good in both print and digital presentations.

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