This year HBO will broadcast the fourth season of the series Westworld, the parallel universe where Evan Rachel Wood is Dolores, an android who, like her in real life, is also a victim of serious sexual abuse.

It is expected that this year on its streaming platform, the channel will also offer the two-part documentary that Evan filmed with director Amy Berg, phoenix rising, where it is shown how was encouraged to tell her story as a victim of sexual abuse, the militancy that led her to congress and to get a law that allows more time before the complaints expire.

And also how, finally, in February of last year, He was encouraged to accuse his victimizer with his name and surname: her ex-boyfriend, the famous musician Marilyn Manson.

Marilyn Manson says her art opens the door to controversy, but the accusations are unfounded. Photo SUZANNE CORDEIRO / AFP

A phoenix rising from its ashes

“I take Dolores with me everywhere, I put her in a medallion and she accompanied me in Congress when I testified and when I went to the women’s march.” Dolores, Evan Rachel told this chronicler in 2018, had become a symbol of strength. At that time she had not wanted to give the name of her abuser. He did it on his Instagram on February 1, 2021, when the night came to the musician.

“My abuser’s name is Brian Warner, better known as Marilyn Manson. He began to manipulate me when I was a teenager, and horribly abused me for years,” he described.

Four other women, including a former assistant to the singer and an actress from game of Thrones They began a trial for sexual abuse of the musician, encouraged by Evan’s statement.

In &Quot;Westworld&Quot;, Evan Rachel Wood Is Dolores Abernathy, The Robot Who Seeks To Punish Humans.

In “Westworld”, Evan Rachel Wood is Dolores Abernathy, the robot who seeks to punish humans.

The English actress Esmé Bianco accuses him of having brought her to California with lies about possible roles in her videos, of having locked her in her room, without giving her food or allowing her to sleep in order to subdue her. The other testimonies are just as tremendous, exposing him as a manipulator.

Two years ago Evan Rachel Wood sought out Amy Berg to film the documentary which premieres on January 23 at the Sundance festival. The director had already been nominated for an Oscar for a documentary about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and accepted the proposal. The pandemic delayed it but now it comes to light, bringing back the allegations against the musician, who denied them through his lawyer.

The karma of being the antichrist superstar

Manson has denied everything. He used his own Instagram to say that the Evan Rachel thing was a lie. Her attorney would later dismiss the other accusations as women seeking fame or money.

“All of my personal relationships have been consensual,” Manson clarified, calling himself a victim of having cultivated a highly controversial image, calling his 1996 album antichrist superstar, using strong and controversial images as staging. “My art and my life have been magnets for controversy but these accusations are horrible distortions of reality” he says in his defense.

Jim Sturgess, Marilyn Manson, Evan Rachel Wood And Tv Carpio, In 2007. Photo Scott Wintrow / Getty Images North America / Afp

Jim Sturgess, Marilyn Manson, Evan Rachel Wood and TV Carpio, in 2007. Photo Scott Wintrow / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP

Shortly after Evan’s complaint, his management agency and label turned their backs on him. A few months ago, in November, the police raided his house in Los Angeles in the case that follows him for the multiple complaints of abuse.

His name is tarnished. Therefore, a senior Grammy executive had to explain why this year Manson was nominated for a collaboration with rapper Kanye West.

“We don’t look at the criminal records of the musicians we nominate”, he apologized, but making it clear that they do take great care of their image when inviting personalities to the party, implying that the musician will probably not be invited to the gala.

Manson is godfather to Lily Rose, the daughter of Johnny Depp, and their long-standing friendship continues. Kanye invited him when he presented his album. But the networks exploded against him. There is still a judge to speak but, socially, he seems to have been doomed.


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