Every actor often has admiration for some other colleague in the industry and for R Madhavan, it happens to be Hrithik Roshan. The talented star who has recently impressed everyone with his act in Decoupled opened up about the kind of films he wishes to do in the future in a recent chat. While chatting up, R Madhavan revealed that he wants to do the kind of films Hrithik Roshan does in his career and even revealed his reasons for it.

In a chat with Hindustan Times, Madhavan spoke about his admiration for Hrithik Roshan and revealed that they both started off at the same time. Going on to praise his ‘Greek God’ looks even now, Madhavan added that the War star does ‘phenomenal action’ and that he does want to be fit like him. R Madhavan added, “We both started off at the same time. He looks like a Greek god even now and does phenomenal action. But merely desiring it won’t help me. I need to be fit like him, to be able to star opposite Katrina Kaif.”

We both started off at the same time. He looks like a Greek god even now and does phenomenal action

R Madhavan

However, R Madhavan, who admires Hrithik, revealed that he loves to play up to his strengths and claimed that for him, it is the story and character in the project that stands out. He said, “But I am about it. I like to play to my strengths. And that for me is the script and the story and the character.”

In the same chat, Madhavan also wished to work on ‘COVID proof subjects’ so that the morbidity of it doesn’t filter down in his work. He said, “anything that is happy and cheerful, I am open to that.” He also spoke about how he has ‘liberty’ as an artist to choose projects between both Hindi and Tamil languages. However, he said that despite it, he may not find stories he wishes to tell. The 3 Idiots actor also said that over time he has realised that his performances have become ‘subtler’ and ‘more real.’ 

Meanwhile, on Hrithik’s birthday, when the actor released his first look as Vedha from the Hindi remake of Vikram Vedha, the OG Vikram, R Madhavan was quick to laud him and showered praise on him. Madhavan tweeted Hrithik’s first look from the Hindi remake of his own Tamil hit and wrote, “Now that’s a ‘Vedha’ I do want to see…. Wow bro… this is EPIC. Damnnnnn.” Further, in a chat with IndiaToday.in, the 3 Idiots actor heaped praise on Hrithik as Vedha. He said that Hrithik looked ‘powerful and charming at the same time.’

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