Kate Bolduan asked Rep. Jamie Raskin about the legal implications of the fake electors for Trump.

“What those fraudulent electors were trying to do was misrepresent themselves as speaking for the will of entire states, millions of people. so, obviously, that’s an instance of election fraud, and it might implicate wire fraud and mail fraud, depending on what, you know, intrastate mechanisms were used to follow that plan,” he said.

He said it also played into what Trump’s plan to use these states for rejecting electoral college votes and sending them back to the states.

“Which is something the vice president doesn’t have power to do, but they were trying to get him to do that in order to lower Joe Biden’s majority in the electoral college from 306 to something below 270 in order to kick the whole election into the House of Representatives for a so-called contingent election.”

“Given the fact that Rudy Giuliani, one of Trump’s closest circle, were involved in this now, do you read that as the Justice Department opening an investigation that connects to Trump himself?” she said.

“If you follow the House of Representatives, which obviously I do, he was impeached for inciting violent insurrection back on January 13th of 2021,” Raskin said.

“So a majority in the House of Representatives had seen enough after one week, had seen enough evidence after one week to know that this was the president’s plan. But what has taken place since then is, we have filled in a lot more evidence that he wasn’t just inciting an insurrection, he was working to organize a coup against the democracy in order to seize the presidency for another four years.

“I can’t imagine the Department of Justice would not have evidence at this point to that effect, but as you know, the work of the Select Committee in the House on January 6 is different from the work of the Department of Justice. They are pursuing. We are trying to write a report to the country and to the Congress about this massive attack on constitutional democracy.”


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