Taxpayers’ Alliance Ramp Up Telly Tax Demands After Yesterday’s Prosecution Revelation

The Taxpayers’ Alliance has arrived at the BBC’s doorstep today, banners in hand, to campaign against the licence fee and the broadcasters’ plan to prosecute an estimated three quarters of a million people over non-payments by 2027. 742,518 prosecutions, according to the TPA’s calculations…

It follows yesterday’s announcement from BBC COO Leigh Tavaziva that she expects to see “a doubling in prosecutions” with the reintroduction of field agents post-Covid – and that, apparently, there’s still “strong support” for the licence fee across the country. Speaking outside BBC Broadcasting House today, TPA grassroots campaign manager Harry Fone said:

“BBC bosses have confirmed that hundreds of thousands more could face charges because of the hated TV tax. Taxpayers are sick of being expected to pay an outdated TV licence fee which is simply not fit for the 21st century, on pain of imprisonment. Ministers must act now to axe the TV tax and spare many from the pain of pointless prosecutions.”

As BBC protests go, however, the TPA aren’t putting their tanks on Guido’s lawn…


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