Bruce Arians has all the reasons to be upset with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ heartbreaking loss to the Los Angeles Rams in the Divisional Round on Sunday. Despite mounting an incredible 21-point comeback late in the third quarter to tie the game at 27-27, Arians’ team couldn’t get the game over the line.

With just 42 seconds left on the clock, the Rams snatched the lead via Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp’s fantastic linkup to seal the game. The loss to the Rams put an end to Tom Brady’s bid for an eighth Super Bowl title, and to the Buccaneers’ season.

Bruce Arians sounds off after Buccaneers loss to LA Rams

Following the tough defeat, the Buccaneers head coach made his feelings public in his post-game presser. He said:

“The finality of this game’s a b*tch. That locker room of guys have been through and hell and back this year. And I love them. They stuck together through all of the injuries and everything else. Really, really proud of the comeback. Not the finish.”

Bruce Arians said it best: “It’s hard. The finality of this league’s a bitch. That locker room has been through hell and back this year, and I love ‘em. They stuck together through all the injuries and everything else. Really, really proud of the comeback — not the finish.” https://t.co/1U9cdTYSUl

Brady was shut down by the Rams’ defensive duo of Aaron Donald and Von Miller in the first half of the game. At 27-3, it looked like a cakewalk for the L.A. outfit, but the seven-time Super Bowl winner wasn’t going to give up easily. The star quarterback combined well with wide receivers Mike Evans and Scotty Miller to close the gap. In the final moments of the game, Rams’ Stafford and Kupp set up the game-winning field goal to eliminate the defending champions.

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Arians’ late call was met with some criticism for leaving Kupp, who is the NFL’s top receiver this year, to a safety. The 69-year-old head coach said there are no regrets:

“It’s who you are. No regrets on that. Everybody got the call. I was wrong about that. We had Suh come up in the middle. We just got to cover better in that situation when we’re going after the quarterback. They only need like possibly 12 yards for that field goal. I’m not questioning that call whatsoever. But when we do that, we’ve got to get to the quarterback.”

“I don’t question that call whatsoever, but when we do that, we have to get to the quarterback.”🗣️: @BruceArians https://t.co/EMIPDjuOWU

Arians was also asked about coaching next season and the future of Hall of Famer quarterback Brady. He has laid out the plans already:

“No, I think of it as a reload like it is every year. We’ll see how many we can get back and then build the team from there. Last year, to get everybody back, was amazing. I doubt we can do it all again this year, but we’re still gonna give it our best.”

Arians added that he is yet to have a chat with Brady:

“I haven’t talked to him yet. (He’ll) take all the time he needs. We’ll see,” Arians concluded.

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