Riot Games is working on a mobile port of its popular FPS title ‘Valorant’, but it looks like someone else may have beaten the developer to market. NetEase Games released a trailer for its new 5v5 mobile game ‘Hyper Front’ which looks awfully similar to Valorant. In fact, some of the designs of its characters are way too familiar and Riot Games might not be too happy about it.

Hyper Front may have copied more than just Valorant’s aesthetics

Hyper Front’s resident healer “Elixir” looks like Sage from Valorant but with a fancy hairdo. The visual design for both characters is strikingly similar. To take things even further, Elixir’s ultimate ability allows her to resurrect a dead teammate, just like Sage.

Sova, Phoenix, Killjoy, Omen and Sage’s designs seem to have been replicated for Hyper Front and it doesn’t just stop there. The map designs and UI are also quite similar to those of Valorant. But not everything about Hyper Front is a blatant copy.

The new hero Nemesis, who was showcased in Hyper Front’s latest video shares similarities with Omen from Valorant. But his ultimate ability is nothing like Omen’s. Instead, he gets a second life if he dies when his ultimate is active, just like Phoenix from Valorant.

Hyper Front feels like a mishmash of designs, abilities, and gameplay elements from Valorant. Riot Games has sued other developers in the past over copyright infringement and Hyper Front might catch the publisher’s attention.

AFK Gaming has reached out to both NetEase and Riot Games for clarification on the current situation. Their statements will be added if or when they respond.

When is Valorant Mobile scheduled to release?

Valorant Mobile was first after months of leaks and speculation. There is currently no release date and Riot Games has not updated fans about the mobile title for months. A console version has also been considered by Riot Games but it will not come to fruition unless the developers get the balancing and player experience right.


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