The look on Anderson Cooper’s face during this interview is priceless.


The segment played right after Joe’s disastrous press conference, where he started an “international incident,” by basically telling Russia they had the “okay” to invade Ukraine, as long as it wasn’t a “strong” invasion.

That was the basic gist of it.

Biden also called into question the integrity of the 2022 and 2024 elections, and we haven’t even voted yet.

As usual, it was a confusing, discombobulated disaster of blunders and misinformation, and the White House Handlers were out in full force trying once again to tell us that what Joe Biden actually said, isn’t what he actually meant.

And they wonder why his approval rating is in the toilet?

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Well, the CNN panel assembled to discuss Biden’s latest mess, and the best part of it was when one guest went off on an epic and 100% correct rant on Biden’s failures and how he was supposed to be so “different” from President Trump by supposedly being this gentle grandpa who just wanted to help people.

Yet, he’s not. Biden is divisive, angry, and radical.

The panel just had to sit there in quiet horror while this guy went on and on, and the look on Anderson Cooper’s face was just the best thing you’ll ever see.

Clenched horror, is how I describe it, because he looks so “puckered” up.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online had to say:

“I would love to know what Anderson was thinking?”

“Hahaha, they are all so quiet, looks like my husband when we’re having an argument and he knows I am right.”

“The end is perfect and accurate. THIS IS A DISASTER !!!!!!!!!”

“Stolen elections have consequences! “

“Damn, they look so defeated and it’s only been a year. “

“LOL When suddenly CNN becomes semi-right wing”

“What did OBama say about Biden, ” don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to F**K things up”. Yup that’s what he’s doing alright.”

“But at least no mean tweets”

“Anderson Cooper looks like he’s about to faint” 

You know things have gotten really bad when CNN allows this kind of truth to be aired on their network.

I think they’ve thrown in the towel on Joe.

Not everyone wants to go down with a sinking ship… although CNN is on their own Titanic, and it’s going down fast, too.

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